buying in bulk reducing waste.    reusing packaging ELIMINATES waste

buying in bulk reducing waste.

reusing packaging ELIMINATES waste

Here at Hazlebury Kitchen, I take my responsibility to the planet very seriously, it’s central to every decision I make. I do the very best to reduce my impact on the environment at every step of my cake journey.

Often it can feel that as a cake maker I am being pulled in two directions; making delicious and creating beautiful bespoke cakes using the best quality ingredients and on the other hand trying to create as low an environmental impact as possible. It’s a real challenge to allow the two to go hand in hand as the cake making industry is not an inherently eco-friendly one. I am constantly researching and trying to make my little business as sustainable as possible; I explore every avenue and opportunity to try and better myself environmentally.

You will see from my product reviews below, certain brands that create lovely unrefined quality products let themselves down by packaging in NON RECYCLABLE packaging. Now, I know that recycling is NOT the answer to global landfill issues, but I do believe that change does not happen overnight. There are certain things that you and I can do right now to help the environment, such as reviewing the top 5 products you buy and check if their packaging is RECYCLABLE and if they are not, then switch to a RECYCLABLE alternative. As a second step you can start to look at eradicating as much of the RECYCLABLE packaging as possible by buying in bulk, using refill stores, buying non packaged items etc. At the end of the day, we as mass consumers can ‘vote with our note’. In every supermarket, every consumer has a choice, make yours the right one.

my Eco PROMISES to the planet:

  • 1st option- no landfill:

    • Using only home-grown eggs, raspberries, blackberries, apples

    • Using only homemade elderflower cordial, sloe gin and oat milk

    • Buying loose fruit and veg for cakes (bananas, carrots and lemons)- zero packaging

    • using only REUSABLE piping bags (biodegradable ones are not a thing- as landfill does not create the correct environment for things to actually biodegrade!)

  • 2nd option- no landfill by using recycling

    • Replacing all (or as many as possible) products that are currently packaged in non-recyclable packaging. E.g. no longer buying Billingtons sugar from supermarkets and instead bulk buying this in paper sacks.

These are my golden rules:

  •  Always source raw materials which have the least impact on the environment

  • Wherever possible, I source products from the UK. Occasionally it isn’t possible to do this (e.g. Cacao powder). In these instances I do my best to ensure I source products that are transported in a way that minimises my carbon footprint as much as possible.

  • I Only use FSC (Forestry Stewardship Council) certified paper and board for my production line and packaging

  • For my traditional baking, the only animal produce I use in my baking is British butter and home-grown eggs, I have replaced all other diary cream and milks for homemade oat milk.

  • I Mark my packaging with clear and concise recycling instructions

  • My office is 100% paperless and therefore creates no office waste

  • I Recycle as much of my waste as possible and opt for zero landfill

  • I Always use natural cleaning products e.g. Ecover and always REFILL, I love my Eco Egg for washing all my tea towels!

My ‘most used’ product eco test!


Organic Shipton Mill Flour

  • UK milled flour- low and sustainable food miles- CERTIFIED ORGANIC BY THE SOIL ASSOCIATION

  • Large 25kg paper sacks, I re-use or I recycle


  • I have pledged to only use British butter that is packaged in recyclable packaging. I currently use waitrose or sainsburys unsalted butter which has sadly switched from recyclable to non recyclable packaging- what on earth!? but trying my best to source this - any ideas let me know!

Organic Raw Cacao Powder

  • 100% Organic Cacao powder from Peru. No colours, binders, fillers or preservatives added. Certified organic by the Soil Association and registered by the Vegan society.

Billingtons Sugar.png
Photo 20-05-2018, 16 19 53.jpg

Billingtons Unrefined Sugar:

  • REALLY disappointing that their sugar packaging is un-recyclable for such a quality product. So I have started buying 25kg bags which I re-use or RECYCLE.

  • I am still in mixed minds about their brand. I like that they take so much care to lock in, rather than refine out, the natural Molasses of the sugar - retaining the highest quality and depth of flavour of the, cane but they are NOT fair-trade and import from MAURITIUS (big food miles but low emissions by boat rather than air).

  • I am currently buying 25kg packs in paper sacks. Any one found any good fair trade/ low impact/ unrefined sugar in recyclable packaging?


  • Homegrown- zero food miles

  • Not officially ‘Certified Organic’ but 100% free range and sustainable

  • Zero packing

My Questions to you!

I ask you these questions to make my little company as green as possible

  1. Any Tips for composting in a small london garden?

  2. Why is non recyclable packaging legal in the UK? everyday consumers are buying staple commodities such as butter and sugar with no RECYCLABLE options!!

  3. Why are there no laws on packaging LABELING for ‘biodegradable’ and ‘RECYCLABLE’ ?

  4. Can anyone help me source butter in paper packaging like they do in France? farmers MARKETS? dairy farms?