At The Hazlebury Kitchen, I am passionate about flavours and ingredients. All of my cakes are made fresh to order using British butter, home grown free range eggs, Organic Shipton Mill British Flour, Organic Vanilla, 100% raw & organic cacao powder and where possible home-grown or British jams, cordials, berries and fruits.  

My menus are a carefully chosen selection of our most popular flavours but we are happy to tailor flavours to suit your desires and sweet teeth!

Our cakes contain four layers of sponge with with three generous layers of buttercream and filling, all very carefully assembled so they look exquisite and hold their shape when cut. My cakes are available either naked with a dusting of icing sugar, semi-naked with a crumb coating of fresh buttercream or fully covered with fresh buttercream.

Allergen Advice & Availability:

•           Unless requested otherwise, all of my cakes contain wheat, eggs and dairy and some contain nuts. All of our products are made in a kitchen which uses nuts.

•           Due to availability of ingredients some flavours may not be available at all times, please get in touch for more information.

Cake Flavours

CAke Sizes

Wedding Cakes

 2 TIERS  (5 INCH & 7 INCH) - SERVES 30-60 

2 TIERS (6 INCH & 10 INCH) - SERVES 38-96 


3 TIERS  (6 INCH, 8 INCH & 10 INCH) - SERVES 64-128

3 TIERS  (5 INCH, 9 INCH & 12 INCH)  - SERVES 82-174

4 TIERS  (4 INCH, 6 INCH, 8 INCH & 10 INCH) - SERVES 82-164

4 TIERS (5 INCH, 7 INCH, 9 INCH, 12 INCH) - SERVES 98-196

Celebration Cakes